Exporting from South Africa

Exports are subject to government and veterinary health regulations. Within Africa, transit is done by road or by air. Kuda Transit can assist you to obtain the exact requirements for the African country in question, and assist you throughout the whole exportation process.

South Africa is working diligently towards the re-opening of direct exports to the EU.

The current export process from SA to the EU takes a minimum of 111 days. It includes 21 days in Cape Town quarantine and 90 days in Mauritius quarantine before flying to the EU. There are no EU restrictions on arrival, but some other countries like USA and AUS have additional restrictions after arrival in the EU and before commencing onward to these countries.

Kuda Transit works closely together with the Mauritian quarantine station in Poste Lafayette on the East Coast of the island. Shipments to Mauritius can happen roughly every 120 days, thus a total of 3 shipments per year (March, July and November). A full cargo flight carrying 18 horses at a time departs from Cape Town, via Port Elizabeth and then onto Mauritius. Once there, the horses are transported by road to the pristine facilities of the Quarantine Station where the knowledgeable staff take care of the horses’ needs for their 3 month stay. After that, the horses are again transported by road to the airport, then onto a cargo freight-liner to Amsterdam, from where the horses will diverge onto their final destinations.

A big part of the cost of both export and import is dependent on the foreign exchange rate. Kuda Forex can assist in securing a premium rate, most often significantly lower than commercial banks can offer. Kuda Insurance will also supply you with a no-obligation quote on comprehensive & transit insurance.

Importing to South Africa

The South African Government has an agreed upon protocol for the importation of horses from a variety of countries. Horses may be imported from such countries, provided they also conform to the requirements and conditions as set out in the official import permit. Apart from these import permits and veterinary health certificates, there are also quarantine, customs, taxes, handling and movement issues which is a daunting process to most people. Kuda Transit offers a custom-made, comprehensive door-to-door service for international movement of horses in every discipline, including horses used for breeding, racing, polo, FEI sports, breed-specific equine athletes and hacks. In addition, we can assist you with international transit insurance and foreign exchange, all in order to make the movement of your valuable horse to his new home a hassle-free experience. The care, health and safety of your horse throughout its journey is our top priority!